About Sylvain Rolando

I am a gay man from Marseille, a former engineer, super eco-anxious, and a dedicated gamer. I studied science, but I have always had a passion for drawing, especially digital art.

I used to brush under the carpet the impact of my experiences as a gay child, but I have come to realize that it has had a significant influence on my life.

About Oh Mon Doux

It's actually me again! Along the way, I also reignited my teenage passion for hairy guys and drawing, and that's how "Oh Mon Doux" came to be.

What gives my life meaning is socially engaged art, so I strive to always find ways to incorporate projects with Ohmondoux while also contributing to my community. It's not entirely selfless, as it also brings me fulfillment. 👀

Feel free to drop me a message!